Rain Checks


What does RainChecks.com do?

RainChecks.com works with any retailer from around the World to showcase current deals and exclusive offers from the retail sector. RainChecks.com collates the deals into a global central online shopping experience. Shoppers, in almost any country, can browse through the offers and once they are ready to make a purchase, they will be linked to the relevant retailer to complete their purchase.

RainChecks.com is a product and services marketing business and is an aggregator site that collects information from other retail outlets to offer discounts on one centralised platform.

What is RainChecks?

RainChecks is shopping on the Internet. We provide information on the best value for obtaining products and services from around the World.

RainChecks will personalise your shopping experience by showing some of the best offers from many stores and brands that provide a wide range of products and services. rainchecks.com.au collates and aggregates deals and promotion offers every day for our visitors.

Who Are RainChecks?

RainChecks is a division of the global news and publishing business, NewsServices.com

How Does it Work?

We show lots of offers every day ( together with many articles that will interest consumers and businesss people. )

Why Should I Join?

There is no need to join RainChecks. We don't invade your privacy or seek access to your personal information. We don't send out our newsletter to you unless you specifically ask for it ( and you can cancel anytime ).

Is RainChecks a Store?

We are not a store; we are a platform that sources and showcases products and services from other businesses.

How do I use rainchecks.com.au?

Just visit anytime that you are looking for a product or service. Use the search feature or look at our displays. Remember, there is no need to "join" as the RainChecks service is open to anyone.

Get in Touch

As a community platform, we welcome your suggestions about what products and services we should showcase. You can even suggest your own business!

To get in touch, send us an email. office@newsservices.com or call 1300 660 660 if you are in Australia.

RainChecks is a product of NewsServices.com which is ABN 25 456 055 247 - Trade Mark Registered & Protected 1820443

RainChecks is based at Suite 10 - 130 Jonson Street, Byron Bay Australia 2481.

You can contact rainchecks.com.au at office@NewsServices.com or Australian phone 1300 660 660