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Decathlon gives away thousands of products

International sporting goods designer and retailer, Decathlon, has announced it will give away thousands of products to Aussies impacted by lockdown across the country on Thursday 16 September 2021.

The Decathlon Community Initiative is set to become one of the biggest FREE sports giveaway campaigns undertaken by a retailer on a single day in Australia’s history. 

On 16 September Decathlon will launch the campaign via its website enabling Aussies to register as a ‘most valuable player’ member and select an item they would like to receive for FREE subject to a small delivery fee.

Decathlon has carefully selected over 30 different types of sporting items that can be used at home while in lockdown.  Some of the items include its iconic family fun soft archery set which includes one bow, two suction cup arrows and one target board which normally retails for $129 at full price, a small roll net and ping pong set (includes net, two paddles and two balls) that you can install in under 10 seconds on most dining room tables that retails for $39, a yoga mat that retails for $25, selected basketballs, Nyamba resistance training bands, and much more.

The giveaway will run all day on the 16th of September from 9am until items run out.

“People across the country are suffering at the hands of some of the harshest COVID lockdowns in the world,” Decathlon Australia CEO Olivier Robinet said.

“Mental health issues are on the rise, separation from loved ones is creating emotional anguish, job losses and financial strain are causing extraordinary hardship and suffering, gyms and other exercise centres are closed - people are feeling lost and without hope. 

“At Decathlon, our core focus is to make sports accessible to the many - supporting people to live healthy lives connecting and engaging with others in their community.  If Aussies in lockdown can’t get out and do the things they love, then we want to give them a sporty item to help them have fun during this difficult time – whether it be a game of table tennis or Finnish skittles, playing ball, doing yoga, or playing a game of soft archery or boules, we have something for everyone.

“Our products are expertly designed to help people keep active and we have picked a range of products that can be used indoors and outdoors around the home to help Aussies get through lockdown - and they are all FREE.”

In line with government COVID requirements and the scale of the campaign, items will be delivered via post.

Aussies simply select the item they want to receive for FREE, make sure they are registered as a ‘most valuable player’ member, provide their contact details, pay a small delivery fee and the item is shipped directly to them. 

“Our Decathlon Community Initiative is our way of fulfilling our purpose of helping people across the community when it is needed most; our purpose is at the heart of why every Decathlon team member comes to work every day, and now is an important time for us to live this purpose, locally,” Robinet added. 

“We are dedicated to investing in this wonderful country and helping all Australians to experience the benefits of sport no matter their situation. Sport is an important part of life.  We plan on being here for many years to come and giving back to the people of Australia who are doing it tough is part of our commitment to being part of the community.”

Since arriving in Australia in 2017, Decathlon has opened five stores, two in Sydney (Tempe and Auburn) and three in Melbourne (Box Hill, Moorabbin and Knox Field), launched partnerships to extend the reach of its click and collect services and continued to invest in new store sites.  The brand’s sixth store opens in South Morang, Victoria in November this year.  Decathlon is a member warehouse and membership is free.   Shoppers simply sign up in-store or online. Anyone can visit Decathlon but they must be a member to purchase products. 

The brand is one of the world’s largest sporting goods designers and retailers originating from France. With over 1600 stores across the globe in 50 plus countries and more than 80,000 staff worldwide, Australia is now well and truly part of Decathlon’s growing worldwide presence and has already made a significant impact in the Australian market with its own brand of high-quality products at affordable prices. Terms and conditions for the Decathlon Community Initiative can be found at www.decathlon.com.au.