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Complimentary Online Wellness Classes

Chiva-Som Collaborates With Zulal Wellness Resort To Launch Complimentary Online Wellness Classes

Leading wellness resort and pioneer in lifestyle transformation, Chiva-Som in Hua Hin, Thailand and its newest venture, Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som, scheduled to open in Qatar in late 2021, are in collaboration to offer complimentary online wellness classes, with up to 8 classes a month, starting from September 2021.

Chiva-Som and Zulal Wellness Resort have closely collaborated to deliver holistic wellness classes focussed on supporting individual mental and physical health as the COVID-19pandemic continues across the world.

Affirmed in the ethos of making wellness accessible to everyone, these complimentary online wellness classes will be conducted by experts, wellness advisors and practitioners from both Chiva-Som in Thailand and Zulal Wellness Resort in Qatar.

These complimentary classes, delivered via Zoom, include activities and physical training, vary from nutrition talks to family wellness advice to indigenous wellness practices, all of which are designed to help participants get one step closer to achieving their health and wellness goals, especially as many countries continue to grapple with lockdowns and social distancing.

For the first time in September, the Zulal wellness team will mainly introduce Traditional Arabic and Islamic Medicine, or TAIM as its key wellness practice at the resort to wellness enthusiasts around the world. TAIM focuses on life balance through diet, fitness, mental and spiritual health. While Chiva-Som features comprehensive wellness classes for various interests.

Some of the September classes on offer include:

9th September  


Introduction to Traditional Arabic and Islamic Medicine at Zulal Wellness Resort

16th September

Traditional Arabic and Islamic Medicine in Women’s health

23rd September

Traditional Arabic and Islamic Medicine and Kitchen Herbs

30th September

Hijama Therapy


For the last 26 years, Chiva-Som has been delivering holistic wellness therapies to guests worldwide and continues its commitment through the launch of Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som, further characterising the brand’s deep emphasis on indigenous healing and wellness practices through an array of online channels.

The online wellness instructors will not only teach new strategies and techniques, but will also offer supportive advice, personalised feedback and communication regarding lifestyle and nutrition to help participants benefit from the comfort of their homes.

To see the monthly schedule and register, please visit www.facebook.com/ChivaSomResort  or contact h-wreception@chivasom.com.

For further information about Chiva-Som and Zulal Wellness Resort please visit: www.chivasom.com or Facebook and Instagram at @chivasomresort | @zulalwellnessresort