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Top 10 Eco Kitchen Hints

Ten eco kitchen tips to help you become an eco warrior

It's easy to make a difference in the kitchen with these easy tips from eco-friendly Munch:  

1. Dish brushes

This is an easy and obvious one to deal with first. Get rid of that plastic dish brush as it will be with us on the planet for 100's of years! Your great grandchildren will be digging it up from the ground - yuck. Replace them with a wooden ethically sourced dish brush. There are also Munch wooden bottle brushes, cup brushes and vege brushes available.

2. Dish cloth

90% of dish cloths contain microfibre which makes a complete mess of our waterways and prevents any form of breakdown in the landfill. So replace your common dishcloth with a swedish style one made from cellullose cotton featuring cool designs.

3. Pot scourers

Get rid of those pot scourers made from microfibre or even steel (unless you have a recycling option for the steel) and say hello to natural pot scourers.  These are made from cellulous cotton and sisal.

4. Dish soap and liquids

Our grannies use to use dish soaps for their sinks and Munch has recently released a dish soap that is 100% natural.  The benefit of a dish soap is that you are saving over 6 plastic bottles.

If you are already using a liquid dish soap and do not wish to change to a soap at least use a refillery to refil you bottle.  There are plenty of eco cleaning brands on the market to refill with.  

5. Bench top cleaners

Again there are plenty of brands on the market that offer eco multi purpose bench cleaners so lookout for one.

6. Beeswax wraps, cotton food covers and silicone food covers

Silicone covers are great for meat, cotton food covers for salads and beeswax wraps for everything except meat.

7. Compost bins

Grab a stylish compost bin to sit on your kitchen bench so you can easily put your left over vege scraps into, to then later put in your large compost bin outside.  Many councils now offer 

8. Food pegs/clips

Don't buy those plastic seal clips for sealing packets. If you need to keep food in packets then use a stainless steel pegs or a wooden food clips to keep it closed.

9. Food containers

Glass containers are the best option to store food in for long periods of time in the pantry. 

10. Reusable produce bags, bread bags and shopping bags

Look for GOTS certified organic produce bagsbread bags and shopping bags as an alternative to the plastic bag.

And a bonus number...

11. Shopping lists on your mobile

Use technology to help you and the environment. Use your mobile phone to keep shopping lists or use Alexa or Siri as a reminder!

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