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The Pros and Cons of the New Tesla Pickup Truck

If there is something that people are aware of is that Tesla comes up with the coolest and most innovative models year after year. There is an entire Tesla fan base that is waiting year after year to see what Elon Musk will release. Tesla's technology is like no other, it is said to be over the top innovative which is why people are dying to get their hands on it. The best part is that each year new car models come out, and these ingenious designs are only one better than the other.


Tesla has definitely been a company that has set the bar very high for other manufactures. Although it has had some competition, there is still nothing that compares to it. Tesla has actually beat the record for being one of the companies that sold over 400,000 of their newest car models in only two weeks, and therefore it continues to take the lead in innovative car designs.


The newest release that Tesla has launched has been the Tesla Pickup Truck and people were fascinated to know everything that there was to know about it. However, aside from wanting to know what the newest gadgets on this truck were going to be, people were also looking into finding out all of the pros and cons of this vehicle. Especially, people that were looking into purchasing it, needed to find out if the pickup truck was as amazing as Tesla was promoting it.




  1. Elon Musk claims that this Tesla Pickup Truck has proven to be a game-changer because it is expected to tow up to 14,000 points and it will have a driving range of 500 - miles.


  1. The truck itself has an insane model; it looks like something out of this world, and, therefore, if you are looking for innovative designs this might be the ideal truck for you.


  1. The amazing part about this truck is that it is an Electric vehicle, something that has never been seen before. And although the competition claims that there are other companies that use electrified versions of their own trucks, there is really nothing that compares to Tesla's model.




  1. A major disadvantage that this car has is that it is not meant to be driven through long distances, which is quite an inconvenience because this is a factor that people rely on when it comes to trucks. And although it claims that it can drive a range of 500 plus miles, it is said that the truck is meant for short distances in order to perform adequately.


  1. Although it is a pickup truck, this Tesla model isn't designed for heavy-duty use. It is meant for recreational use, however, people seem very disappointed to find out that it can't carry heavy loads on its back.


  1. This is Tesla's most expensive model yet. Only the cheapest truck has been priced at $39,900 however, there are more trucks from this range that have additional components which are even far more expensive. As if Tesla wasn't expensive enough already.

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