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What is Paydirt Gold?

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The History of Gold Paydirt

Since the dawn of mankind, humans have always been obsessed with things of rare and material nature. We love the idea of being well off, wealthy and able to live comfortably with material possessions and riches. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of what it means to be “rich” and have great fortune? Gold. We have been fascinated with it for millennia. 

But how has the way we obtain gold and has its value evolved? Certainly:

So What Is Paydirt?

A popular way of getting the satisfaction of getting gold is through what is called paydirt. Paydirt is quite simply ground material that has “ore in sufficient quantity to be profitably extracted” - in this case, gold ore. During the middle of the 19th century, it was quite common for various countries around the world to have their own gold rush. Places from Australia to South Africa, Canada, Venezuela and most famously the Californian gold rush of the United States, which started in 1848 and lasted around seven years in total. 

That’s also where we managed to get the term “paydirt”. Thousands of the Californian gold miners extracted whatever they could find, and they began to sift through all the paydirt in the hopes of finding their precious gold.

What about now?

In the hopes of recreating the absolute excitement that the many gold miners had experienced, many companies today have now made paydirt gold available to purchase in-store or online, and it seems to be quite profitable - for the businesses and also for the customers. Companies are sourcing paydirt from different places all over the world, like Alaska, Australia, Norway, Arizona and Canada. 

The fun part and the sole reason why paydirt is purchased is to enjoy the activity of finding your own unique gold. This can take a while and requires lots of patience and determination. How you do it is up to you, as there are common ways and also more difficult and time-consuming ways. A well-known tactic is just separating and filtering all of the dirt into multiple pans or bowls. 

The Fun Paydirt Gold Brings

Using paydirt for a fun activity is quite the trend for parents who have young children. Kids who love the outdoors and experimenting with things are going to love panning through their paydirt.

But also, there seems to be quite the growing presence of paydirt YouTube channels, with the creators showcasing their finds through videos online. The main topic they seem to come to is always about usually along the lines of where the bag is from.


So.. Paydirt gold has been gaining attention these past few years, especially since the ability to start an eCommerce business. However, our love for gold and all things rare and precious has been here since our feet were able to set foot on the very dirt we were about to dig.

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What is Paydirt Gold?

The History of Gold Paydirt Since the dawn of mankind, humans have always been obsessed with things of rare and material nature. We love the idea of being well off, wealthy an...

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