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Marketing with RainChecks.com is a sensible and cost effective way to increase leads and gain long term brand awareness in the minds of customers and other businesses.

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1. RainCheck marketing will lead to a spike in traffic to eCommerce websites.

2. RainCheck marketing will help businesses to increase their market share.

3. Marketing with RainChecks.com will boost an eCommerce site's conversion rate because our members and guests are motivated.

4. Advertising special offers on RainChecks.com will introduce them to new potential customers.

It is easy to get started on RainChecks.com

Once you join as a merchant at RainChecks.com, send us the link to your ecommerce website and we will create your Rain Check showcase page using the items on your page to create your RainChecks.com showcase page.

If you have a Shopify or BigCommerce or Square page promote those pages by being on RainChecks.com

How RainChecks.com will help a business

RainChecks.com drives high volumes of motivated and qualified shoppers to a businesses' designated landing page.

RainChecks.com does that by reaching large numbers of online and mobile shoppers who are attracted to super temporary sale items with a tight promotion deadline.

Unlike other sale marketing methods, RainChecks.com is a global brand on a premium domain name that can reach almost any connected person in the World.

What does a business operator need to do to reach the RainChecks.com local, nationwide and international audience?

* Contact RainChecks.com by email and tell us about the best online deals or promotions that you wish to advertise.

* Choose one of our cost effective marketing methods.

* Send the components for your marketing page to us by email.

RainChecks.com tech people will load the text information, images, YouTube video links, website links and banners onto a designated unique URL on RainChecks.com in categories best suited to your products or services.

The result.

RainChecks will send your potential customers directly to your website for as long as you have specified.

Contact us. office@NewsServices.com

More information about how RainChecks.com assists business operators.

You do not need to sign up.

Visitors and business operators do not need to "sign up" to use our website.

We do have a newsletter but subscribing or giving out private details is not required to interact with us.

For buyers, we will NOT pass on your details ( email or phone number ) to anyone other than the merchant (s) that you interacted with.

There will NOT be a flood of emails or text messages.

Data insights for business operators

Know where your traffic comes from

We will send details of page views to businesses that market with us.

RainChecks sends leads directly to a businesses website for purchasing.

Reviews are published on RainChecks.com

Rain Check Reviews drive future sales.


1. Base fee to joining $100 USD - This is a onetime only charge

You will be on our brand list indefinitely and you can submit product pages without the joining charge each time.

2. Web page construction fee per product showcase page. $100 USD each separate URL

Control your budget by starting off with one product..

You can have as many product showcase pages as you want.

Remember, there are no commissions or other hidden fees. We direct potential buyers directly to your business' landing page.

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